Linda Blair Nude Pics & Scenes Compilation

Linda Blair Nude Pics & Scenes Compilation

Check out one of the most popular horror ladies Linda Blair nude and sexy pics and her boobs from the greatest naked scenes she did through the career! Blair has perfect boobs, massive but firmed! I like the way she played the devil-possessed girl! Hope she doesn’t make these devil faces while the dick is inside her!

Linda Blair is 60 years old grandma, but we’re talking about her younger version here! Linda Denise Blair is a well-known American actress who played the possessed child in the film ‘The Exorcist’. For it, she was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe. Linda reprised her role in ‘Exorcist II: The Heretic’, Blair appeared in many controversial dramatic films, such as ‘Born Innocent’ and ‘Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic’. Then she became a sex symbol, after her role in the musical ‘Roller Boogie’. Blair is known for roles in horror movies ‘Hell Night’, the prison drama ‘Chained Heat’ and the cult thriller ‘Savage Streets‘. In this century, she was the host of the Fox Family reality series Scariest Places on Earth and had a guest role on the series Supernatural. She was also seen with Pit Boss.

Linda Blair nude scene from ‘Chained Heat’

Check out the first scene we need to show you, here we can see Linda Blair nude boobs as she is in the shower. The prison shower is full of many naked female prisoners, but one of them is being rude to Linda, trying to make the bitch of her. Linda is crying and holding her hands over boobs, but the good part is seen! I would like to suck these melons folks! This could be a nice forced sex scene, but Linda just continued to walk!

Linda Blair boobs in a scene from ‘Savage Streets’

In the second scene, we have Linda Blair naked in a bathtub. Again her full body is visible through the clear water and her nude boobs are exposed above the waterline. The camera slowly zooms in toward her face, and zooms in these perfect big tits and pale nipples!

Linda Blair sexy and nude pics

Vintage beauties and sex symbols are made for rainy days like this one! Every one of them has large bush and massive boobs! Today in focus is the actress Linda Blair and her nude body, sexy big boobs, and pussy with hair! Linda posed for many magazines in the last century and made a lot of money by exposing the body. Linda was a friend with Dorothy Stratten, who’s nude collection we also have! Enjoy watching guys!

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